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 Ballot Statement 

My dedication to Dana Point is a demonstrated passion, beginning with election to my HOA board. I supported cityhood and was appointed a charter member of the Dana Point Planning Commission, becoming the second chairman.

I was chair of the underground utility committee where I completed three of the four districts. I introduced the historic preservation goals in the General Plan and city codes. Today we have over 30 structures listed on the historic register.

I have been president of the Dana Point Historical Society for nine of its 25 years. The originator of the News Drogher and founder of the Dana Point Heritage Museum are my contributions to the city’s history.

My experience expanded county wide as Foreman of the OC Grand Jury. Implemented recommendations included adding fire stations as a safe haven for unwanted babies and a restructure of Orange County organization which continues today. That experience continues with an appointment to the OC Historical Commission.

I enlisted in the Navy and retired as Commander USNR.

My professional career is as an engineering manager in oversight, operation and maintenance. I am goal orientated. All of this will make me an effective representative of Dana Point residents.

I ask for your vote November 6th.




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